Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

shortcuts 2013

two injuries in nov & dec, so happy with that

februar:  first ultra, 80k goettingen - brocken, 2200 hm ascent, 10:20 something, 52 place
march: second ultra, 48k trail peti balon, 2200 hm ascent 5:31 something, 144 place
april: halfmarathon wilhelmsburg, 1:33 something, 21.place
may: privat run from the north-  to the baltic sea, 105k, 13h something
june: st. pauli laeuft gegen rechts, 7.4k, 29min something, 4th place
august: allgaeuer panorama ultra, 70k, 3000 hm ascent, 9:59:58, 98 place
oktober: pfalztrail ultra, 85k, 2200 hm ascent, 9:57 something, 17th place

follow me into 2014

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